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Frederiksberg Shopping Centre

The lighting invites customers into the re-designed shopping mall.

The Frederiksberg Shopping Centre in Copenhagen has undergone an extensive renovation. The reconstruction offers a totally new interior and lighting design, which invites customers into the shopping center.

Lighting Design in Frederiksberg Shopping Centre

The new lighting design is developed by Ramboll Lighting and follows the new interior design developed by Haskoll Architects. The lighting design focuses on keeping the CO2 emission to an absolute minimum, while still providing the customers with the experience, that the centre is brighter, warmer and easier to navigate than prior to the reconstruction. In the aisles a combination of a subtle line of lighting and LED ceiling recessed downlights creates a pleasant and harmonious ambience.

In general the lighting design enhances the customers’ shopping experience. “People say that we have moved the centre into a new era. People in the Frederiksberg Shopping Centre will experience a lighting design that is second to none in Denmark”, concludes construction manager Eva Handest from Danica Ejendomme.

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