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Ramboll Lighting is looking for staff

Ramboll Lighting is looking for talented and motivated lighting designers, who would like to join us at Ramboll Head Office in Copenhagen. Prospective candidates shall be able to communicate lighting projects at all stages both verbally, in writing and visually.
The wall at night. Ramboll created the LED-illumination, so that the beautiful outdoor mural can also be seen in the dark

At Ramboll we are very proud of our team work. Hence, we expect that our future colleagues contribute to the unique working culture, which we maintain at the office.

The candidates shall at the least have proficient knowledge of the following software: Microsoft Office, AutoCAD (Rhino), Dialux and Adobe CS package. 

Please send us your application with CV and selected works on vlp@ramboll.dk

More information

vladan paunovic
Creative Lead
T+45 5161 8601
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