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The Wall of Dreams

Lighting installation on a house-ending wall.
The wall at night. Ramboll created the LED-illumination, so that the beautiful outdoor mural can also be seen in the dark

Public housing area Gadekærvej in Copenhagen is undergoing a major renovation. This includes the creation of a 600 m2 LED lit poem carved in aluminium situated on a house-ending wall. The art piece has been named ‘The Wall of Dreams’ and is a poem created by 117 individual dreams, dreamed by the residents of the area.

The art piece has been created in collaboration between the area residents, poet Morten Søndergaard and Ramboll Lighting. At daytime the art piece functions as a beautiful façade, but when night falls the true beauty of the art piece reveals itself.

- The wall elevates into a whole new level when the lights are being turned on at night, concludes poet Morten Søndergaard.

At night-time the 117 dreams light up the whole residential area hereby creating a warm and safe ambiance for the residents of the area.

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