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Ramboll lights up Copenhagen Designer Outlet

Taastrup, Denmark ¤

Copenhagen Designer Outlet
Project data
Client: Copenhagen Designer Outlet
Architects: Haskoll
Completion: 2014

Services we provided
Lighting design

The team
Vladan Paunovic, IALD

Copenhagen Designer Outlet in Taastrup wanted an exclusive, highly visible look to raise awareness among potential customers. Ramboll answered their call by designing a lighting solution with subtle interior lights and a distinctive façade to attract potential customers.

Neighbouring numerous superstores and immediately adjacent to the well-visited shopping mall City2 in Taastrup, the recently opened Copenhagen Designer Outlet faced a tricky challenge. While the general commercial area is visited by thousands of shoppers every day, not many of them knew what was on offer in the new outlet mall.

Façade leads the way

The façade lighting was designed to highlight the location of the outlet mall, particularly the entrance, in its surroundings. Created in printed translucent glass, the façade cladding is back-lit for this purpose. In its final form, the softly glowing façade makes a key contribution to the visual identity of the mall, especially after sunset.

- We decided to use the lighting of the façade as a way to make people aware of the new mall. It was a key success factor for Copenhagen Designer Outlet to build a strong visual presence among potential shoppers, and our façade lighting solution enables them to do that, says Vladan Paunovic, Architect and Lighting Designer in Ramboll’s Lighting Design team.

Interior lighting highlights shop displays

In line with the architectural concept created by Haskoll, the interior was designed to enhance the organic edges of the aisles and to support the flow of the visitors through the aisles. The lighting level in the aisles is slightly dimmed to draw visual attention to the shop displays.

- Obviously every store in the mall wants potential customers to notice their shop displays. Interior lighting is a powerful nudging tool to highlight shop displays and give them a more appealing appearance, and we have made full use of this opportunity, Vladan Paunovic explains.

Communication through lighting

Using carefully designed lighting to reach out to potential customers, Copenhagen Designer Outlet has the visual identity it needs to establish itself as an attractive option for regular shoppers and occasional visitors in this area.

- Our lighting solution basically allows Copenhagen Designer Outlet to communicate with their customers. The exclusive façade makes the customers aware that they have immediate access to a high-end outlet mall. And inside the mall, the interior lighting subtly leads them on their way through the aisles while highlighting shop offerings, Vladan Paunovic concludes.

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Creative Lead
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