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DTU 101

Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark ¤

Project data
Client: Technical University of Denmark
Architects: Erik Møller Architects
Completion: 2011

Services we provided
Lighting design
Electrical engineering
Building 101 is a multifunctional building at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) located in Kgs. Lyngby north of Copenhagen. Building 101 holds a central position on campus as it houses both official functions as the university administration and representative facilities and is a main meeting point for students with canteen, library, bar/lounge and sports facilities.

The building is organized around two parallel internal streets separated by an inner courtyard. Rambøll Lighting was appointed to redesign the lighting design in the internal streets and the main entrances.

Though the architecture of the two spaces are identical the use as well as the artwork gives each of the spaces a unique identity. The concept therefore differs in the two spaces emphasize as well the common characteristic and the unique identity.

The client asked for an aesthetic lighting scheme that underlined the distinctive architecture and most importantly created a safe and secure environment for students and staff at all times. Therefore a dynamic lighting control is a central parameter of the concept and ensures "light according to need" all day and an energy-efficient solution.

The project was completed primarily with state-of-art LED technology. Hence, the client received a low energy consumption light installation emphasizing DTU's identity as an innovative and modern research facility.

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