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Sludge incineration plant "Lynetten" is located on the Eastern waterfront of Copenhagen's inner harbour. The location makes the plant clearly visible for the people who are visiting the city´s tourist attractions along the western waterfront, and particularly for those who are entering the harbour on a yacht or cruise ship. Lynetten cleanses waste water from Copenhagen and partially produces energy, and it is one of the most energy efficient power plants of this type in the world.

The client wished that the beauty of Lynetten's industrial character would be communicated by means of light during night-time. Rambøll Lighting from Copenhagen was commissioned to do the lighting design. Paying respect to Lynetten's unique architectural features and particularly ensuring a low energy consumption solution were main requirements defined by the client.

Rambøll Lighting came up with a concept which sets the visual focus on five big cylinder-shaped silos, painted in different colours and placed inside the building, immediately behind the façade glazing. The luminaires, that illuminate the silos, are arranged so the light renders the silos' cylindrical shapes. With such a concept, where the light is radiated from inside the building, the transparency of the architecture is enhanced. The façade is thusnot a visual barrier at night, but a transparent envelope that reveals the building's interior and function. Additionally, the new chimney, which is an integral part of the plant, is also illuminated as a vertical accent in the space.

Since an energy-efficient and sustainable solution was a demand, the project was completed exclusively with state-of-art LED technology. Hence, the client received a low energy consumption light installation emphasizing Lynetten's environmental friendly identity.

With the new lighting scheme Lynetten stands "glowing" in the night as a new urban landmark in Copenhagen's inner harbour.

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