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Lighting up the square at Maria Church

Copenhagen, Denmark ¤

The sphere reflecting to the pavement below
Photo: Torben Eskerod
Project data
Client: Mariakirken
Architects: Ramboll and Tanja Jordan
Completion: 2014

Services we provided
Electrical engineering
Lighting design
Project management
Structural engineering

The team
Robert Findshøj Bérénos

A comprehensive restoration is underway on Istedgade in Vesterbro in Copenhagen.


One of the projects involves the restoration of the square in front of Maria Church (Mariakirken). The project has been named 'The sun shines on us all' and includes a whole new street illumination, in the form of a prismatic light sphere hung above the square. The light-sphere was designed in collaboration between Ramboll's lighting experts and the architect Tanja Jordan.


"We are very proud of the result, and we hope that the new sphere will help spread light and a positive atmosphere on the church square", says Vladan Paunovic, architect and specialist in architectural lighting design.


The new light sphere is the result of a genuine cross-disciplinary project where electrical engineers, structural engineers and lighting design specialists have worked closely on both construction and the erection of the sphere. Ramboll also provided the overall project management for the project during the engineering and execution phases.

vladan paunovic
Creative Lead
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