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Daylight is our primary light source. Natural light acts as architecture’s foremost formgiver as well as its mood barometer. It models, reveals textures, creates rhythms and emphasises colour and spaciousness.

Through openings in the facade, daylight often provides us with a narrative about time and place, temperature and season.


Unlike artificial light, daylight fluctuates naturally in intensity, colour and direction and thus has a stimulating effect. The design of the facade, including the quality of view, is of great significance for our sense of well-being as well as our understanding and appreciation of the spaces both within and around the structure.
Careful and timely planning of natural light emphasises the positive aspects of sunlight and daylight while reducing their negative effects, such as glare, overheating and the lack of daylight.

The benefits of a proper daylighting strategy are increased personal comfort and significant cost savings on electricity consumption. Thus optimal use of daylight makes sense both from a work environment and an eco-sustainability perspective.

Ramboll Lighting offers professional assessment of solutions regarding access to daylight and energy consumption in order to ensure compliance with national building code requirements.
In addition, we offer consultancy on early-stage planning of project-specific guidelines with regard to natural light, mostly with the aim to meet specific energy performance targets.

Ramboll Lighting offers sparring and consulting services on sunlight and daylight strategies and on lighting control and project design in order to ensure an optimal combination of both artificial light and daylight.



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