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Office Lighting

When it comes to indoor climate in an office environment Ramboll Lighting never compromise on the quality of light. We work to create the optimum working conditions for the end-users of the building and favour close cooperation with the other consultants in order to ensure an aesthetic and holistic solution.


Ramboll Lighting’s projects are characterised by the fact that we are consistently working to integrate daylight and the artificial lighting, thereby providing pleasant and inspiring light, throughout the day, all year round. We focus on bringing the best characteristics of daylight into the project, and then we complement with artificial lighting in order to create flexible and effective transitions in the light from day to night.

Sustainability is a keyword for Ramboll in general. Lighting has traditionally had a stake in the misuse of energy resources. Ramboll Lighting acknowledges this and will continually work with lighting in an energy-conscious and sustainable manner.

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