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DR segment 2

Copenhagen, Denmark ¤

Project data
Client: DR
Architects: Nobel Architects
Completion: 2007

Services we provided
Lighting design

Rambøll was asked to perform a renovation of the internal environment within the large and dynamic office atrium in Segment 2 of the new ‘broadcasting town’ in Copenhagen. The employees within the atrium experienced direct disability and discomfort glare from extreme daylight ingress as well as severe heating and ventilation noise through skylight and the five floor glass facades.

Specialists from all departments within Rambøll in corporation with sub-consultant Nobel Architects found an architecturally integrated solution. A set of specially designed, externally mounted grids to shield off direct sunlight through the skylight combined with a louvered construction on the facade withstand seasonal peaks and provide a technically and aesthetically sound solution.

Allan T.B. Hansen
Allan T. B. Hansen
Civil engineer
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