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Guerilla Lighting

Ørestad, Copenhagen; Denmark ¤

Project data
Completion: 2011

Services we provided
Lighting design

Guerrilla lighting is a war on bad lighting, guerrilla lighting is a protest against wasteful use of light but most of all, guerrilla lighting is about having fun and raising the awareness of the power of light.


Rambøll Lighting participated with one of three lighting installations for the first Copenhagen Guerilla Lighting. The chosen site - a void beneath the metro – is an anonymous space in Ørestaden located between the open space of Amager Fælled and an urban housing area.

The lighting design uses the contrast between cool white light and the playful use of colours as a comment to spaces in Ørestaden which at night-time are left without identity and purpose.

vladan paunovic
Senior lighting designer
T+45 5161 8601
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